About PSI publications

Our full list of publications can be viewed in alphabetical order or date order.

A number of our older publications, which are otherwise out of print, can be accessed in PDF format, free of charge, subject to the terms and conditions below. Print copies of many titles published under the PSI imprint in the past are available through online vendors like Amazon and Abebooks.

If you have a more general enquiry about PSI publications, including copyright permissions (see copyright statement below), please contact Robert Lyons.

PSI research output

PSI aims to make the final outputs of all projects publicly available. The publication and dissemination of our research is an integral part of PSI’s activity, and we undertake research only on the understanding that the results will be made public - however uncomfortable the findings may be to any established interests. We publish reports of our own primary research or the research results are published by the sponsor and publicised on our website. We also publish selected material from ‘outside’ authors and other research institutes and academic institutes, provided the research matches our own interests and is fully peer-reviewed.

From 2000 until 2008, we published Research Discussion Papers - short, topical reports on work in progress and single-issue analyses of PSI’s current research projects.

In the past, we published Policy Studies, a quarterly, peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary academic journal, and the highly-regarded Cultural Trends, a quarterly statistical journal on the arts and wider cultural sector. These are now published by Taylor & Francis.

Copyright statement

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