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Publications by title

2002/03 Student Income and Expenditure Survey: Student's Income, Expenditure and Debt in 2002/03 and Changes since 1998/99

50+ Back to work evidence review and indicative guide for secondary data analysis

A comparison study of children's independent mobility in England and Australia

Access to Benefits: The Information Needs of Minority Ethnic Groups

Access to Information: A Review of the Provision of Disability Information

Access to Legal Services: The Contribution of Alternative Approaches

Accounting for Collective Action: Resource Acquisition and Mobilisation in British Unions

Affordability Targets: Implications for Housing Supply

Against Unemployment

Ahead of Time: Birthday Letters to Mayer Hillman

Alternative Methods of Delivering Legal Services: Legal aid franchising in advice agencies without solicitors

Amateur Arts in the UK

An econometric analysis of the prevalence of smoking among lone mothers

Analysis of UKSHEC Hydrogen Visions in the UK Markal Energy Sytem Model

The Announcement Effect and Environmental Taxation

Any Room at the Top? A Study of Doctors and their Careers

Approaches to Tribunal Representation

Are active labour market policies enough?

Are There Day of the Week Productivity Effects?

Are unions good for industrial relations?

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