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Older workers: kept in but not kept happy
Deborah Smeaton and Michael White

What can businesses do when their trade bodies undermine EU climate policy?
Ben Fagan-Watson

The benefits of being 'smart' about our energy future
Tom Watson

A social science of the nexus?
Kevin Burchell

The European Commission has abolished the post of chief scientific adviser
Ben Fagan-Watson

The Juncker Commission: what does it mean for sustainability?
Ben Fagan-Watson

Why businesses in the EU are arguing for strong action on the climate
Ben Fagan-Watson

Smart Communities: working together to save energy?
Kevin Burchell

The personal costs of public-sector contraction: questions for the era of austerity
Genevieve Knight and Michael White

Are smart grids the way to sell low-carbon policy to sceptics?
Nazmiye Balta-Ozkan, with contributions from Tom Watson

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