New PSI research examines relationship between employment, pay and poverty

A new report, published by the Work Foundation and written by researchers working for Policy Studies Institute and Coventry University, examines the relationship between employment, pay and poverty. It is one of a number of evidence reviews commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) to support its development of an anti-poverty strategy for the UK.

Employment is fundamental to the causes and solutions to poverty, and policy in the UK and elsewhere has focused on promoting employment as the key to tackling poverty. However, this approach now faces a number of challenges, including the increasing prevalence of ‘in-work poverty’, the current climate of fiscal constraint, and low earnings-growth as Britain emerges from recession. This review takes stock of what has been learnt about the relationship between employment, pay and poverty over the past 20 years, and examines the impact of employment-related interventions on poverty reduction.

The review had four key aims:

  • To review the evidence on the links between employment, pay and poverty in the UK and to examine how this compares to other countries;
  • To review evidence on the impact of employment-related policy and practice interventions to address poverty;
  • To identify gaps in the evidence base; and
  • To identify the policy and practice implications of the evidence.

Read the report here.