A Vision for 2026: Hackney the Child-Friendly City

Tuesday 15 November, Haggerston Community Centre, London

This high-level, agenda-setting summit will bring together a diversity of decisionmakers, professionals, community-groups and NGOs involved in urban planning and development, transport, education, child development and health. We will explore the idea of developing a child-friendly city in the context of creating healthy, inclusive communities as part of broader policy objectives.

What do children want and need from the urban environments they live in? Are their social, mental and physical development needs being met by current models of urban development?

What would an explicit focus on creating child-friendly urban environments look like and what benefits would it result in for both children and adults alike?

Where could we be in ten years time and what needs to happen to deliver the vision of a child friendly city?

Convened by ZCD Architects and Policy Studies Institute with the close involvement of Hackney Borough Council the summit will present insights from research, practice and leading European examples of child-friendly cities. Participants will be taken on a short walking tour of typical urban environments children need to negotiate in Hackney before an afternoon workshop focusing on co-production of a vision for Hackney in 2026 and an agenda for action.


  • Phil Glanville, Mayor of Hackney
  • Rita Wapperom, City of Rotterdam
  • Professor Marketta Kyttä, Aalto University, Helsinki
  • Dinah Bornat, ZCD Architects/University of East London
  • Ben Shaw, Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster


2013: Children’s independent mobility: a comparative study in England and Germany (1971-2010)

2015: Children’s Independent Mobility: An International Comparison