BEIS expert workshop on the consumer benefits of smart meters

On 3 October, PSI’s Dr Kevin Burchell attended a BEIS expert workshop on Smart Metering Consumer Engagement and Benefits. The workshop took place in the Innovation Space facility at the BEIS offices at 1 Victoria Street.

Kevin Burchell

The objectives of the workshop were to identify the most important issues relating to how consumers engage with and benefit from smart meters through behaviour change, and to use these to identify evaluation questions to inform future research and analysis by BEIS. The workshop built on existing research by BEIS (and DECC before it), including the Early Learning Project (2015), the Smart Meter Energy Advice Project (2017) and more recent research that is yet to be published.

The government is committed to ensuring that every home and small business in the country is offered a smart meter by the end of 2020, delivered as cost effectively as possible. The Smart Metering Programme aims to roll-out over 50million smart gas and electricity meters to all domestic properties and smart or advanced meters to smaller nondomestic sites in Great Britain - impacting approximately 30million premises. Further information about the Programme can be found on the website.

Dr Burchell’s research on smart meters places the idea of energy consumption feedback within a community context. A key conclusion of the Smart Communities project was that the social context within which engagement with smart meters and behaviour change take place can have a huge impact on who gets involved and the ways in which they get involved. In addition, Dr Burchell’s ‘energy know-how’ concept (Burchell et al., 2015) was cited as the key conceptual resource in the review that was carried out for BEIS’s work on energy advice (BEIS, 2017).

See all of Dr Burchell’s work on domestic energy demand reduction here.