PSI's Ben Fagan-Watson in the Guardian on big business climate policy lobbying

Ben Fagan-Watson has written about a recent PSI report, Lobbying by Trade Associations on EU Climate Policy, for Guardian Sustainable Business.

He writes: ‘When we embarked on our research into how trade groups are lobbying on EU climate policy, we knew trade associations were likely to be influential. However, we were surprised at just how important they are to companies, and how ferociously opposed some have been to recent progressive European Union climate policies.

‘These EU policies include attempts to strengthen the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, and targets on energy efficiency and renewable power. The policies and regulations put in place in Brussels matter to businesses. Some companies see the transition to a low-carbon society as a business opportunity, while others see it as a threat to their bottom line. It’s no surprise then that companies want to have a voice in the making of EU policy on climate change.

‘What has been surprising is the extent to which companies rely on trade associations to do their lobbying in the EU, and how ferociously some of these associations have opposed progressive EU climate policy.’

Read the full article at Guardian Sustainable Business.

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