Clock change good for Northern Ireland

Shifting the clocks forward an hour would reduce road casualties, improve quality of life, save energy and boost the economy, according to a memorandum published by Dr Mayer Hillman of the Policy Studies Institute (PSI). The paper is the first to examine the impacts of clock change with a specific focus on Northern Ireland.

Dr Hillman’s paper joins the mounting evidence that shows that shifting our clocks forward by one hour all year round would be widely beneficial for the whole of the UK. In his conclusion, Dr Hillman argues that "advancing clocks by one hour in summer and winter would bring Northern Ireland at least as great benefits as those predicted for the rest of the UK. This is of particular note in terms of leisure opportunities and the improvement in the health and quality of life of its population. These benefits appear to add up to an exceptionally strong case for the reform under consideration."

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Making the Most of Daylight Hours: The implications for Northern Ireland [pdf]