Co-creating cities and communities

PSI’s Kevin Burchell recently attended the Co-creating Cities and Communities workshop at Watershed in Bristol on 12 and 13 July.

Kevin Burchell

The event was ‘dedicated to finding new ways in which universities, civil society organisations, local authorities and communities can work together to co-create, reinvent and improve life in the city and its surroundings’. Attended by people from across these sectors, the sessions particularly featured projects in RCUK’s Connected Communities programme and RCUK/Innovate’s Urban Living Partnerships programme.

Kevin reported: ‘This was a terrific event in a great waterside venue, with some truly insightful speakers and attendees. The event particularly highlighted the ongoing benefits and challenges of collaborations between universities and civil society organisations. Although I did not present a paper, I was able to bring learning from my own work - in Smart Communities, Urban Heat and the Factors Affecting Public Engagement by Researchers projects - to a wide range of discussions.’

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For more information about the event, visit the Co-Creating Cities and Communities website, where material from the event will be added over the next couple of weeks.