Guardian Young Journalist award winner quotes PSI research

Since the early Seventies, PSI has been conducting groundbreaking research on children’s independent mobility. So it was nice to hear that a child journalist has picked up on our work to make an important point about play.

Eleven-year-old Caiden Cliftt was one of two winners of the inaugural Young Journalist Prize, a competition organised by The Guardian Foundation, the Learn2Think Foundation and The Week Junior. Caiden’s article begins:

New information from Policy Studies Institute has revealed that there has been a dramatic decrease in children’s independence over the past 40 years. The study shows that only 25% of primary-aged children are allowed to travel home from school alone compared to 86% in 1971 and that just 10% of seven-year-olds have the freedom to play out in their local neighbourhood compared to 50% 40 years ago.

I believe it is very important that we take steps to encourage parents to allow their children more freedom.

You can read Caiden’s essay and more about the prize here.

For more about our work, visit the children’s independent mobility research page.