Introducing the Energy and Environmental Change MA course

PSI has produced a module for an innovative new master’s course in Energy and Environmental Change with colleagues across the University of Westminster.

Recently, PSI’s Ben Fagan-Watson took part in a webinar introducing the course. The premise of the course is that the transition to a low-carbon society will require knowledge of a wide range of issues - including law, economics and sustainability issues.

As Ben notes in the webinar: ‘Coal, oil and natural gas have fuelled global economic development for centuries, with the result of persistent and large-scale effects on economic and infrastructure choices. Policy frameworks and economic interests thus continue to be geared towards fossil fuels and carbon-intensive activities. In the past 50 years or so, we have seen an acceleration of this trend. Transforming our energy system will take time and a significant amount of capital. To give an idea of the order of magnitude of capital required, the International Energy Agency estimates that we need $10.5 trillion in incremental investment globally in low-carbon energy technology and energy efficiency by 2030.’

The MA will provide students with the tools to understand how that radical change might come about and the barriers to doing so. Not only is the course intellectually challenging and stimulating, but it is an ideal way to start a career in this area. You can watch the full seminar (just under 20 minutes) below. Fresh intakes of students will take place in January and September 2017. Find out more about the course here.