JRF Climate Change: farewell and thank you!

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has announced that it is closing its climate change programme, which has been running since 2009. The programme has provided vital funding and support to numerous projects, particularly examining the social justice and community participation aspects of climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience.

PSI has long benefited from JRF support. From 2015-2017, the climate change programme supported the Urban Heat project, which examined the role of community groups in local climate resilience. In 2004 and 2013, JRF funded PSI research on equitable green taxation.

Earlier this month, PSI’s Kevin Burchell attended JRF’s event to mark the end of its climate change work, which was an opportunity for those involved to share learning from JRF’s climate justice and community resilience work. As a report on the event notes, although JRF’s major involvement is coming to an end, there was ‘a desire and appetite for continuing to work with the ideas and research opened up by these programmes. This will include updating the Climate Just website, continuing to include issues of distributional justice in national climate change plans, and ensuring community level work remains informed by the principles highlighted by the climate justice agenda.’ To that end, a new LinkedIn group has been created for those interested in work on climate change and social justice.

Kevin reported, ‘I was incredibly proud to have been able to contribute to JRF’s climate change programme. It is clear that the programme has established the important of social justice and community participation in climate change policy and I look forward to being involved in future.’

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