Lorentz Center workshop on simulating socio-ecological systems

PSI researcher Dr Pete Barbrook-Johnson will be in Leiden, Netherlands next week attending an international workshop at the Lorentz Center.

Pete Barbrook-Johnson

This workshop aims to bring together researchers working on different elements of the simulation tools and approaches to understand complex socio-ecological systems and to develop a practical and coherent approach to characterizing cross-scale resilience in these settings.

Mankind is having a huge impact upon the species with which it cohabits, maybe to the extent that we are causing a sixth major extinction of species at this very moment. To address this we need to understand how the local ecologies that societies interact with are either fragile or resilient to the impact of humans and other shocks. Simulations can represent combinations of complex ecological and social systems. These allow us to generate multiple artificial ‘histories’ from which we can gain a deeper understanding of the long-term outcomes.

Crucially, this allows us to evaluate the resilience of the socio-ecological systems at any scale: from global species diversity to the welfare of group or even of individuals. A socio-ecological system that is resilient at all these scales is said to have cross-scale resilience. It is no good saving species as a global level if we destroy local niches or communities in the process.

More info can be found here.