New Jobcentre Plus research published

A new report from research led by PSI takes an early look at a set of new initiatives for the unemployed introduced in the past year through Jobcentre Plus. The research examines the attitudes of staff and customers to the schemes.


This report presents early findings from the evaluation of a series of employment initiatives for unemployed jobseekers introduced in April 2009, consisting of reforms to the Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) regime, a re-engineering of the New Deal and extra supports for recipients of JSA, known as the revised Jobseekers Regime and Flexible New Deal (JRFND), and some additional services which were added in response to the economic downturn known as the Six Month Offer (6MO) and Support for the Newly Unemployed (SNU).

The overall aim of this evaluation is to test the extent to which JRFND/SMO/SNU leads to additional employment outcomes for individuals and the cost effectiveness with which this is done.

The data presented in this report is based on the process study which has the main aims:

  • To assess the delivery of JRFND/6MO/SNU;
  • To learn lessons for policy development;
  • To assess the customer experience of JRFND/6MO/SNU and to determine what elements seem to help customers.

This is the first report from the evaluation process study. There are two parts to the report. The first part reflects the early implementation findings from site visits to Jobcentre Plus offices. These visits took place at 2 months and 5 months after the April 2009 introduction. The second part reflects the first customer survey findings, which relate to experiences of the first 13 weeks after JSA signing. The evaluation design of the survey allows the new measures to be compared to the standard JSA signing regime which is still in place in other areas, and which form a comparison to the JRFND. Customers started their JSA claim in mid to late June 2009 and were interviewed about 12 weeks later.

Jobseekers Regime and Flexible New Deal, the Six Month Offer and Support for the Newly Unemployed evaluations: An early process study

Read the summary report here [pdf].

Read the full report here [pdf].

For more on the research project, see the JRFND project page