New mobility systems in Japan

PSI researchers, Fred Steward and Ritsuko Ozaki, visited Japan in October 2017 on their project, Urban Infrastructural Innovation and Sustainable Lifestyles.

The project looks into city- and prefecture-led strategies in new mobility systems, in particular (a) cars with alternative power sources, such as hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, and (b) integrated transport systems using shared taxis, community buses and cycling, as well as trains and city buses. In exploring the sociotechnical network of actors and actions, we aim to reveal the discourses of transformation, draw new insights and illuminate the dynamics of urban transition.

The photos were taken at Saitama Prefecture Office’s smart hydrogen refuelling station. This is a technology developed by Honda and Iwatani Corporation. It uses solar power to generate electricity and produce hydrogen energy on site.

(NB A prefecture in Japan is an equivalent of a county in the UK.)