New PSI project examines community-led resilience to urban heatwaves

PSI’s Kevin Burchell and Ben Fagan-Watson have recently started work on URBAN HEAT, an 18-month project funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

London is particularly vulnerable to heatwaves, and the elderly, those with chronic/severe illness and more deprived social groups are typically the most vulnerable - especially those living alone. Institutional plans focus on long-term infrastructural planning and institutional responses to heat vulnerability. However, research and practice across a range of domains illustrates the complementary value of community-led action.

The objectives of URBAN HEAT are to investigate and develop greater community-led resilience to heatwaves in urban areas, particularly among those most vulnerable, and ways in which these approaches can be integrated with institutional responses. These objectives will be addressed through three London-based case studies, each featuring an action research process with local community groups and local institutions.

You can read more about the project here.