Nuclear power: for and against

With the problem of climate change becoming more urgent by the day, the future of power generation in the UK has provoked considerable debate. In February 2009, a number of Britain’s leading environmental campaigners publicly declared that they had come round to the view that nuclear power was essential in the effort to combat anthropogenic global warming.

One of those campaigners, PSI Visiting Research Fellow Stephen Tindale, former Executive Director of Greenpeace UK, explains why nuclear power is now a necessity. In response, PSI Senior Fellow Emeritus, Mayer Hillman, co-author of How We Can Save the Planet, argues that nuclear power is not the answer to the problem of energy supply, arguing that energy conservation is a better approach.

The case for nuclear power, by Stephen Tindale

Questioning the virtues of the dash for nuclear electricity, by Mayer Hillman

Update: 7 April 2009

A response to Mayer Hillman, by Stephen Tindale