PSI presentation to the cross-government group on overheating

In three London-based action research case studies, Urban Heat examined the potential role of the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in heatwave planning and response. On 28 November, 2016, Kevin Burchell of PSI presented the findings and recommendations of the project to the cross-government group on overheating.

Kevin Burchell

Among other issues, Dr Burchell discussed:

  • the need to bring the heatwave planning and community resilience policy agendas much closer together;
  • the considerable potential of the VCS in the context of local action on heatwaves;
  • the extent to which local authorities valued the input of the VCS groups;
  • the need for heatwave planning to be more fully reflected in planning guidance and building regulations;
  • the potential for national benchmarks to attract more local attention to heatwave planning;
  • the local potential of ‘bundling’ in action on heatwaves with existing action on associated matters (such as cold weather, fuel poverty and home repairs).

The Urban Heat report will be published in January 2017.

For further information, please contact Kevin Burchell:


Fagan-Watson, B. and Burchell, K. (2016) Heatwaves in the UK: Involving communities in community resilience, Building Research and Information, special issue: Co-producing Neighbourhood Resilience, 44(7): 754-763, DOI: 10.1080/09613218.2016.1209626.