PSI researcher receives the E.ON Research Award

Dr Nazmiye Ozkan has received the E.ON Research Award to undertake a three-country comparison of customer motivation for smart homes.

Nazmiye Ozkan with E.ON award

With funding from the E.ON's International Research Initiative 2012, Dr. Ozkan will be collaborating with experts from three other institutions to carry out a ‘˜deep dive' analysis of how customers in the UK, Germany and Italy will respond to the new ways of managing energy.

In each country, the researchers will analyze barriers and drivers towards early take-up of Smart Home technologies and assess them against the background of their national energy framework, policies and regulation. Smart home technologies integrate state-of-the-art technology into daily life at home, helping householders to lead more energy efficient, safer and more comfortable lifestyles. The results will allow a detailed comparison between countries and similar customer groups in different locations. In particular, it will highlight Europe-wide recurring themes related to Smart Homes and issues in specific countries. Final outcomes will be insights into the contrasts between customer expectations, incentives, concerns and barriers in the three countries.

In this project financed by E.ON , Dr. Ozkan will be collaborating with Dr. Lorraine Whitmarsh of Cardiff University School of Psychology; Max Grünig of Germany's Ecologic Institute think tank and Dr. Oscar Amerighi of the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA).

E.ON International Research Initiative
E.ON's International Research Initiative 2012 supports projects that identify the economic potential that the ‘smart home’ relationship of customers with energy offers for international energy companies like E.ON. A total of three research projects were selected to receive funding which will assess customer motivation, behaviours and responses to emerging smart homes technologies both today and in the future.