PSI researcher speaks at launch of new climate resilience network

The West Midlands Climate Resilience Network (WMCREN) – launched on 28 January 2016 – is a new cross-sector network that provides advice, guidance, good practice ideas, networking and collaboration opportunities for people in the West Midlands working on risk management, emergency planning/response and climate change adaptation. The launch featured an excellent and wide-ranging programme of talks by national governmental and non-governmental agencies, funders of research, county councils and academics.

Kevin Burchell

Kevin Burchell was invited to talk about the Urban Heat project, which focuses on the role of the community-voluntary group sector in the development of community resilience to heatwaves and resilience more broadly. Based upon his experience in Urban Heat, Kevin’s talk focused on the value of engaging with a wide range of community-voluntary groups, that goes beyond local administrative bodies (such as parish councils) and voluntary emergency responders (such as St John’s Ambulance). Kevin explained how working with community and voluntary groups that focus on particular sections of the community – such as faith groups, ethnic groups, older people, people with mental health problems, people with disabilities, and so on – offers local authorities new sources of invaluable local knowledge, new ways of reaching a range of people who might typically be considered ‘hard to reach’, and new capabilities and capacities. Kevin’s slides are available here [pdf].

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