PSI sustainability news round-up


New ING report: low metal prices won’t last, time for a circular economy
Current dip in prices won't last, says bank report. Now is the optimal time for Europe’s tech industry to shift to different business models.

EU to invest €670 million in circular economy
Under the EU’s research and innovation funding scheme, Horizon 2020, the Commission will invest almost €16bn in research and innovation in the next two years.

ZWE calls for incineration tax
Taxes on waste-to-energy incineration would be more effective in diverting resources towards the top of the waste hierarchy than landfill bans, according to Zero Waste Europe (ZWE).


Fossil fuel industry’s bad behaviour in spotlight in run-up to Paris
Nearly 400,000 people have signed a petition to bar 'big polluters' from the talks after revelations that Exxon knew about climate-change threat almost 40 years ago.

Climate change adaption: a global snapshot
A McGill University-led group of researchers (TRAC3) are looking at whether progress is being made in designing initiatives and policies to reduce vulnerability to climate change across countries. Their aim is to contribute new ways of monitoring the global climate adaptation process.

Piketty: Tax flyers to raise climate adaptation funds
French economists moot €180 levy on business class tickets to protect vulnerable from climate impacts

Canadian community groups team up to adapt to climate change locally
Researchers found municipalities are concerned about climate change and many of them have a lot of indirect policies that address it, but there is room for improvement.


Renewable energy made up half of world's new power plants in 2014: IEA

International Energy Agency says figures are a “clear sign” of a transition from coal to clean energy.

UK doesn't have right policies to meet renewable energy target, admits Amber Rudd
Energy secretary says heat and transport must make a contribution to meeting the EU target of sourcing 15 per cent of renewable energy by 2020.

Renewable energy to overtake coal as world's largest power source: IEA
The latest World Energy Outlook reveals a shift to clean energy is taking place, but not fast enough to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Austria’s largest state is now 100% powered by renewable energy
The largest of the country’s nine states has announced that 100 per cent of all its generated electricity now comes from renewable sources.


Department for Transport agrees 30 per cent spending cut – to what extent will cycling suffer?
In cutting funding for cycle infrastructure, the government is effectively reneging on its manifesto commitment to “reduce the number of cyclists and other road users killed or injured on our roads every year”, says CTC.