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A Vision for 2026: Hackney the Child-Friendly City
This high-level, agenda-setting summit, produced by ZCD Architects and PSI, brought together a diversity of decisionmakers, professionals, community-groups and NGOs involved in urban planning and development, transport, education, child development and health. Sessions explored the idea of developing a child-friendly city in the context of creating healthy, inclusive communities as part of broader policy objectives.

Most people are wildly underestimating what Trump’s win will mean for the environment
Vox, 14 November 2016
Republicans in Congress have a long list of plans to undo President Obama’s initiatives on clean air, climate change and more.

Trump administration could roll back US environmental protection, critics fear
Guardian, 13 November 2016
Fossil fuel executives and climate change skeptics, including former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, feature among the candidates for key environmental roles.

The global dangers of Trump’s climate denial
National Geographic, 9 November 2016
The US president-elect inherits a crisis in the form of climate change. Here’s how he might respond.

Choice editing: a crucial next step for the circular economy?, 7 November 2016
Former Unilever executive argues that big companies should agree simply not to put certain products on the shelves.

£4 billion from hidden waste could be generated for UK economy says Veolia
Resource Efficient Business, 2 November 2016
Over 13 million tonnes of material could be properly reused, recycled or remanufactured from the strategically important manufacturing, pharmaceutical & chemical and food and beverage sectors.

Do smart cities inevitably mean transport disruption?
CityMetric, 3 November 2016
The sustainable future may be transport technologies and services that are neither public nor private.

Paris agreement comes into force
UNFCCC, 4 November 2016
On 5 October, the threshold for parties ratifying the Paris agreement was crossed and it came into force on 4 November.

Fossil-fuel CO2 emissions nearly stable for third year in row
Guardian, 14 November 2016
But while increase in emissions has been halted, CO2 concentrations in atmosphere still at record high and rising.

Global ‘greening’ has slowed rise of CO2 in the atmosphere, study finds
Guardian, 8 November 2016
Increased growth of plants fertilised by higher CO2 levels is only partly offsetting emissions and will not halt dangerous warming, scientists conclude.