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How climate change may affect future Olympic Games
Christian Science Monitor, 16 August 2016
Global warming may severely limit the potential host cities for Olympic Summer Games in the next 50 years.

Climate scientists’ new hurdle: overcoming climate change apathy
Eos, 11 August 2016
It’s not just about deniers anymore. Scientists now have to convince a new group: those who believe humans have altered the climate but don’t think anything can or should change.

Adaptation Planning and the use of climate change projections in local government in England and Germany
ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, 10 August 2016
New report finds that if we are to better understand the usability of climate projections, we need to be more aware of the institutional context within which planning decisions are made.

Is the circular economy a restraint on business, or an opportunity?
EU Observer, 11 August 2016
An economy based on buying less and reusing and repairing more could generate extra economic growth and thousands of jobs.

Pressure mounts on retailers to reform throwaway clothing culture
Guardian, 10 August 2016
Americans dispose of about 12.8m tons of textiles annually. But a growing number of environmentalists and clothing retailers say it’s time to begin making new clothes out of old items on a large scale.

Tech trends undermine move to zero-waste economy
Horizon, 11 August 2016
New smartphones on the market encourage old ones to be thrown out, and waste companies are struggling with recycling.

Advancing sustainable transport with an electric road, 13 August 2016
The world’s first electric road is now active for a distance of 2 km on Sweden’s E16 motorway.

Holy Grail of energy policy in sight as battery technology smashes the old order
Telegraph, 10 August 2016
Cutting-edge research into cheap and clean forms of electricity storage is moving so fast that we may never again need to build twentieth-century power plants in the UK.

First shipment of fracked shale gas set to arrive in Scotland
BBC News, 10 August 2016
While the Scottish government has banned fracking, gas obtained by the technique in the US is now arriving in Scotland.

Government plans for fracking payments fail to entice public
City AM, 15 August 2016
The Shale Wealth Fund, which could be worth up to £1bn and result in individual households receiving as much as £10,000 may not persuade local residents to accept fracking, a YouGov survey finds.