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Kigali deal on HFCs is big step in fighting climate change
Guardian, 15 October 2016
The deal done in Rwanda on last week will cut greenhouse gases, possibly taking 0.5 degrees Celsius out of future global warming.

The missing climate change debate
Bloomberg, 18 October 2016
For a presidential campaign notable for dark warnings of the coming apocalypse, the one thing that actually could bring about an apocalypse has been conspicuously absent from the debates.

The global warm streak ended in September, NOAA says
CNBC, 18 October 2016
While there is disagreement on whether September was a record hot month, there is wide agreement that 2016 will be the hottest year since records began.

Theresa May delays Heathrow third runway decision
International Business Times, 19 October 2016
Final vote in parliament to take place next year at the earliest, with Cabinet members free to argue against Heathrow.

Climate change means no airport expansion – at Heathrow or anywhere
Guardian, 18 October 2016
There is only one way to prevent aviation from wrecking the planet: we need to fly much less.

Electric vehicles could go first at traffic lights under UK clean air zone plans
Guardian, 13 October 2016
Government proposals to tackle air pollution in five UK cities could see electric vehicle drivers using bus lanes and getting priority at traffic lights.

Renewables forecast contradicts government claim on controlling costs
Carbon Brief, 19 October 2016
The expected future cost of subsidies for renewables has increased, previously unpublished government forecasts show.

Diesel farms set to win lucrative contracts to back up National Grid
Guardian, 17 October 2016
Deals worth millions of pounds to help keep UK’s lights on over 15-year period spark anger among environmental groups.

As a lifelong Green, I’m convinced fracking’s the only solution to energy problems
The Sun, 18 October 2016
The former director of Greenpeace UK, Stephen Tindale, argues fracking will buy us more time to develop environmentally friendly energy strategies for the future.

World more energy efficient despite low prices
Energy Live News, 11 October 2016
The International Energy Agency (IEA) found energy intensity, which measures the amount of fuel consumed per unit of gross domestic product, fell 1.8% last year. That’s triple the average rate over the past decade.