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New MA course in Energy and Environmental Change
PSI is contributing a module to a new MA course at the University of Westminster. The MA Energy and Environmental Change is an interdisciplinary degree that combines international relations, law, business and sustainability studies. As such it provides a comprehensive examination of energy security, energy markets and climate change from global, regional and local perspectives. 

EU waste generation fell in 2014, data suggests
LetsRecycle, 30 March 2016
Waste figure is down by 10% compared with the peak of 527kg per person seen in 2002, says Eurostat.

Trash problems: Recycling in crisis
CNBC, 27 March 2016
Progress could be halted as lower oil prices drive down profits in the recycling industry, according to at least one observer.

Creating sustainable transport systems: PH’s progress so far
Rappler, 28 March 2016
The Philippines’ Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has been laying out plans to improve public transportation networks and promote cleaner transport through alternative fuels and green vehicles.

Ridesharing could ease traffic congestion and pollution, using tech we already have
TreeHugger, 29 March 2016
The (near) future of driving relies not so much on new technology, but on new human behaviors.

UK health services unprepared for climate change
UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, 30 March 2016
The heads of the UK’s leading health institutions have come together to urge the government to put into place action plans to ensure that the public, and the health systems they rely on, are able to respond.

Where Brexit and climate-change scepticism converge
Economist, 22 March 2016
Why are so many figures supporting British exit from the EU also critics of climate change action?

Worst ever bleaching on Great Barrier Reef
Deutsche Welle, 31 March 2016
Researchers say Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef faces permanent destruction through coral bleaching caused by warming water. The worst mass bleaching event on record is affecting reefs all around the world.

UN reports 2015 saw $266 billion invested globally in renewable energy
Renewable Energy Focus, 30 March 2016
Coal and gas-fired electricity generation last year drew less than half the record investment made in solar, wind and other renewables capacity.

The $2.6 billion buying binge that felled solar giant SunEdison
Livemint, 31 March 2016
Just nine months ago, SunEdison Inc. was Wall Street’s favourite clean-energy company. Now, it is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy protection.