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Environment researchers gagged during general election
Civil Service World, 23 May 2017
Over-zealous application of ‘purdah’ rules are having worrying consequences for environmental discussions.

New coalmines will worsen poverty and escalate climate change, report finds
Guardian, 21 May 2017
Oxfam attacks Australia’s ‘climate policy paralysis’ and urges it to promise no new coalmines and end public subsidies.

Trump says privately he will leave Paris climate agreement: report
The Hill, 28 May 2017
Report says that Trump, who has said publicly he hasn’t yet made up his mind on the pact, has told multiple people, including EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, that he plans to remove the US from the deal.

Can the Paris climate deal survive a Trump-style renegotiation?
New York Times, 26 May 2017
Some observers worry that the Trump administration, by remaining in the deal, could undermine it from within, refusing to take any significant steps on climate change and bogging down the global push for more ambitious action.

Strong carbon price needed to drive large-scale climate action
Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, 29 May 2017
High-Level Commission on Carbon Prices, led by Joseph Stiglitz and Lord Nicholas Stern, argues that meeting the world’s climate goals in the most cost-effective way while fostering growth requires reaching $40-$80 per tonne of CO2 by 2020.

A global economic assessment of city policies to reduce climate change impacts
Nature Climate Change, 29 May 2017
A quantitative assessment of the economic costs of the joint impacts of local and global climate change for all main cities around the world.

Renewable energy jobs hit 10 million mark worldwide, says new report
Independent, 10 May 2017
The number of posts in the sector could reach 24 million by 2030, experts say.

India’s Electricity-Sector Transformation Is Happening Now
Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, 17 May 2017
Falling prices for solar mean that this month alone has seen the cancellation of 13.7 gigawatts of proposed coal-fired power plants and an admission that US$9bn of already operating import-coal-fired power plants are potentially no longer viable.

Tesco to trial a phase-out of single-use 5p plastic bags
Guardian, 24 May 2017
Select Tesco stores will sell only reusable bags in a 10-week trial that could lead to the single-use bags being phased out in all of its stores.

Extremely polluting Nissan and Renault diesel cars still on sale, data reveals
Guardian, 26 May 2017
Cars that emit up to 18 times the official NOx limit in real-world conditions are still being sold, 20 months after the emissions scandal broke and amid an ongoing air pollution crisis.