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Is policy evaluation fit for purpose?
CECAN blog, 27 September 2016
Roger Highfield reports on CECAN’s event, Policy Evaluation for a Complex World, with speakers including Sir Mark Walport, David Halpern and Dame Margaret Hodge.

BusinessEurope’s narrow climate change vision
InfluenceMap, 4 October 2016
A new report, reviewed by Ben Fagan-Watson and Tom Watson of PSI, suggests a clear detachment between the voices of European business and the behaviour of prominent European business federation BusinessEurope on climate issues.

Planet at its hottest in 115,000 years thanks to climate change, experts say
Guardian, 4 October 2016
Tackling the temperature rise will require daunting technological advances that will cost the coming generations hundreds of trillions of dollars, according to James Hansen and colleagues.

The politics of climate
Pew Research Center, 4 October 2016
US voters have polarised views about climate issues, but most support a role for scientists in climate policy and for expanding solar and wind energy.

The psychology behind climate change denial
ScienceDaily, 4 October 2016
New research suggests individuals who accept hierarchical power structures are more likely to deny that climate change is a problem.

The coming public health disaster
US News and World Report, 5 October 2016
Reversing the increase in global temperatures is an imperative, not just for the environment, but for human health, too.

The UK’s first electric vehicle-only lane is coming next year
Car Keys, 5 October 2016
Eco-Expressway will be introduced by the adaption of an existing route into Nottingham.

Surge in electric cars could strain energy grid, warns EU agency, 30 September 2016
The large scale roll-out of electric cars will help fight climate change but more generating the required electricity could have its own impact on global warming.

REA: UK now boasts over 3GW of operating energy storage capacity
Business Green, 4 October 2016
Report finds that UK had a total of 3.23GW of storage capacity in operation, with technologies spanning from lithium-ion batteries to pumped hydro systems

Solar outstrips coal in past six months of UK electricity generation
Guardian, 4 October 2016
Carbon Brief found more electricity came from the sun than coal from April to the end of September, in a report that highlighted the two technologies’ changing fortunes.