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What Brexit means for addressing climate change
Time, 30 June 2016
There may be more questions than answers.

UK’s out vote is a ‘red alert’ for the environment
Guardian, 24 June 2016
From the ‘red-tape’ slashing desires of the Brexiters to the judgment of green professionals, all indications are for weaker environmental protections.

After the Brexit vote: what next for the UK’s environment?
Green Alliance, 27 June 2016
The referendum process may be over, but the hard political debate over policy starts now.

Leadsom: government action on climate change will not waver post-Brexit
BusinessGreen, 5 July 2016
Conservative leadership hopeful says decarbonising our energy system is an ‘essential responsibility’ regardless of Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Food, Brexit and the Consequences
FCRN, 5 July 2016
Professor Tim Lang asks what academics and the UK food movement can do.

What’s the impact of Brexit on EU funding?
Access Europe Network, 4 July 2016
It’s business as usual - for now.

Exxon lobbying quietly for a US carbon tax
CBC News, 30 June 2016
Facing probe over what it knew about climate change science, oil company lobbies Congress for carbon tax.

No smog without fire: the financial stability risks around carbon-intensive investments
Bank Underground, 6 July 2016
Bank of England blogger argues that while the Paris Agreement moved some energy firms’ share prices, other events were slightly less dramatic.

Relationship experts: Behaviour Change and Home Energy Coaching
Ymlaen Ceredigion, June 2016
Can home energy coaching support householders to make changes in their energy use behaviours and investments to reduce energy usage while maintaining or improving comfort?

Cars older than 2005 may have to pay extra London ‘air pollution charge’
BBC News, 5 July 2016
Under the mayor’s proposals, diesel cars could have to pay an additional charge to come into inner London by 2019 and buses should be retrofitted to meet European standards.

DfT launches £60m sustainable transport fund
Highways Magazine, 7 July 2016
Local authorities are being invited to bid for a share of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) £60 million green Sustainable Travel Access Fund.