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Floods, climate change and flood defence investment
Friends of the Earth, 8 December 2015
This briefing argues that extreme rainfall events are more likely in a warmer world and that current UK spending on flood defence is inadequate.

Nature Studies: The Cumbrian floods were unprecedented, but not unpredictable
Independent, 7 December 2015
The ‘200-year events’ are starting to mount up - just as climate science predicts.


COP21 appears headed for climate deal. But how strong?
Al Jazeera, 9 December 2015
Share of responsibilities between developed and developing countries one issue of contention in Paris.

COP21 Business Pledges: Should We Believe The Hype?
Blue & Green Tomorrow, 3 December 2015
The Paris talks have placed a new emphasis on the role of business in reducing emissions. But are the pledges made so far likely to be implemented - and do they go far enough?

10 reasons why cities hold the key to climate change and global health
Guardian, 8 December 2015
Why urbanisation should be at the heart of any conversation about the planet’s future.

Bristol, England, shows what cities can do to fight climate change
CBC, 5 December 2015
Industrial city is home to Massive Attack, and now, the Poo Bus.

Lobbyists at COP21 - foxes guarding the henhouse?
Deutsche Welle, 8 December 2015
Nongovernmental organizations say some of the COP21 sponsors stand diametrically opposed to the summit’s aims. Big companies are bankrolling 20 percent of the conference’s budget, which presents a conflict of interest.


Circular Economy Package: Questions & Answers
European Commission factsheet, 2 December 2015

Circular Economy – EU staggers packaging targets
LetsRecycle, 2 December 2015
Revised packaging recycling targets put forward by the EU Commission show a move to capture more aluminium cans and to streamline compliance reporting.

EU circular economy package: a failed promise
WWF, 2 December 2015
Green NGO expresses disappointment that a plan that does not look at the whole product’s lifecycle - from sourcing to waste - and that will not reduce Europe’s enormous and unsustainable overconsumption.


Wind, Solar Power to Supply More Energy Than Shale, Goldman Says
Bloomberg Business, 30 November 2015
Power from renewables comparable to 6.2 million barrels of oil with wind and solar ‘on track to exceed 100 gigawatts’ of new power.

Major powers pledge $20bn for green energy research
Guardian, 30 November 2015
The vow boosts a parallel initiative by global business leaders including Mark Zuckerberg and Ratan Tata.

Coal plant gets green light to burn American wood pellets
Telegraph, 1 December 2015
Lynemouth power plant to be resurrected as a biomass plant after it stops burning coal at the end of this year.


COP21: More sustainable transport systems through electro-mobility
New Europe, 4 December 2015
Transport representatives presented initiatives at the United Nations climate change conference (COP21) to promote the use of electro-mobility in the transport sector.