Research on policing and local crime information

Researchers at the Policy Studies Institute ( PSI) have been asked by the Home Office (the government department responsible for policing) to carry out important research examining people’s views about how local information on crime, community safety and the criminal justice system can best be made available to the public. We are interested in hearing your views about:

  • What types of information you currently receive about local crime, and community safety
  • How you receive this information (newsletter, website, etc.)
  • What you think about the information you receive
  • How the provision of information could be improved  

The government hope that by listening to your views, they can improve the provision of information about local crime, community safety and the criminal justice system.

We have asked people in your area to take part in the research by participating in a focus group - an informal, small-group discussion, led by a PSI researcher. The discussion will last one and a half hours and refreshments will be provided. Everyone who takes part will receive £30 as a thank you for your time. Your participation in this research is voluntary and you can choose to drop out at any time.

PSI researchers follow a code of conduct which means that:

  • Your contact details will be kept in a secure place for the duration of the research and will not be shared with anyone else
  • We will not report the findings in a way which would identify people who have taken part
  • The findings from the research will be made available to the general public

For more information about taking part in the research, please contact Elizabeth Jones on 020 7437 8945, Please provide your name and phone number so that we can call you back.