Video: Rob Berkeley delivers the Stephen Lissenburgh Memorial Lecture 2012

The director of the Runnymede Trust, Rob Berkeley, delivered the Stephen Lissenburgh Memorial Lecture 2012. The lecture was entitled ‘The Retreat from Race Equality: New Challenges, New Solutions’.

How does racial injustice persist when no one is racist? While racist scandals from the football field to the Twitterscape distract our attention, the underlying patterns of racial inequality in the UK have moved very little in the past generation. In part due to the success of anti-racism campaigning, we have reached a point where no one is willing to admit to acting in a racist manner, but nonetheless racist outcomes abound. We have worked hard to convince ourselves as a nation that it is time to declare mission accomplished on tackling racial inequality and move on to ‘˜colour-blind' approaches.

In this lecture, Rob Berkeley considered a number of ‘˜teachable moments' from recent events in the struggle for racial equality in the UK, and argued that tackling structural racisms is too often neglected in favour of addressing racism in its interpersonal forms, either because it is seen as too difficult or too likely to require radical change. A shift in the framing of the anti-racist struggle is required, with implications for activists, employers, government and civil society in order to return to our core ambitions of eliminating racial discrimination and building a society in which all are equally valued.

Watch the lecture using the links below.

Stephen Lissenburgh Lecture 2012 Part 1 from Neil Admin on Vimeo.


Stephen Lissenburgh Lecture 2012 Part 2 from Neil Admin on Vimeo.