TEDDINET Advisory Panel meeting

On Monday 18 September PSI’s Dr Kevin Burchell attended the final TEDDINET Advisory Panel meeting, which was held at the University of Westminster.

Kevin Burchell

TEDDINET – led by researchers at University of Edinburgh and Loughborough University – is a research network dedicated to transforming energy demand through digital innovation. While most of the TEDDINET projects were funded by the EPSRC, projects funded from other sources were also able to get involved. The projects focused on one or more of the following themes: data visualisation, smart heat controls, energy feedback and monitoring, electricity disaggregation and non-domestic contexts.

Since TEDDINET is coming to a close, the meeting focused on what the network should aim to achieve over its final 10 months and the ways in which the work of the network might be continued beyond the project period. In broad terms, discussions focused on: academic dissemination and research ‘impact’, sharing knowledge about the practicalities of running challenging interdisciplinary technology projects in very social contexts (such as people’s homes), and the possibilities for future work and collaboration.

Dr Burchell’s work – which was not one of the core TEDDINET projects – focused on energy consumption feedback and energy monitoring within the context of a wide range of community action. The project concluded that the social context within which these activities take place can have a huge impact on who gets involved and the ways in which they get involved.

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