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Event: Spatial Variation in Energy Use, Attitudes and Behaviours

This day-long event on Friday 7 February brought together researchers, policy makers, industry, the public sector and the third sector to share recent results on implications of the transition to smarter energy delivery and to synthesise the evidence base in support of appropriate public policies and commercial strategies.

Smart Grids to revolutionise energy use but benefits could bypass consumers

A new report by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), led by researchers at PSI, explores the emerging role of smart grids in the UK and presents a vision of the near future where energy use is monitored in real time, home appliances are automated, and Britain is powered by a network of community-run energy schemes.

Designing carbon taxation that does not unduly impact low-income households

There are strong policy arguments for removing environmentally damaging (perverse) subsidies and for introducing carbon taxation to help reduce carbon emissions. The difficulty from the perspective of social justice is that green taxes are unlike income tax; they do not directly relate to the ability to pay. This project for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, co-ordinated by PSI's Simon Dresner, has examined if it would be possible to design a revenue-neutral carbon tax on household energy use and transport, with safeguards that would protect low-income households from negative impacts.

New PSI research reveals the erosion of children's independence

Research that has just been released shows that, over the past four decades, primary-school children in England have lost much of their freedom to get about in their local neighbourhood without adult supervision. This loss of independence applies to their leisure and recreational activities as well as to their travel to and from school. Only 25 per cent of primary-school children in England are allowed to travel home from school alone, compared with 86 per cent in 1971.

Professor Fred Steward on innovation and the transition to a low-carbon society

Video: Fred Steward, PSI's Professor of Innovation and Sustainability, speaking at the Westminster Forum in November 2012.

Video: Rob Berkeley delivers the Stephen Lissenburgh Memorial Lecture 2012

PSI researcher receives the E.ON Research Award

Dr Nazmiye Ozkan has received the award to undertake a three-country comparison of customer motivation for smart homes.

Public views on new crime-information initiatives

A new report highlights the public appetite for information about crime and criminal justice outcomes, but argues that providing a greater quantity of information must not be an end in itself.

Strong unions and job security

A new article sheds light on how unions affect job security guarantees - where the employer promises not to resort to compulsory redundancy.

Older employees under pressure

PSI's Michael White has a new article in Work, Employment and Society examining the changing working conditions for older employees at a time of cost-cutting and delayed retirement. White argues that if retirement is going to be delayed for employees, that fairness demands improved working conditions, which currently have a particularly heavy impact on older workers.

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