Deborah Smeaton

Deborah joined PSI in 1999 and, as a mixed-methods researcher, has worked on a broad range of projects, using a variety of methodological approaches. She is experienced in:

  • overall research design
  • quantitative data analysis (cross sectional, panel, large and complex)
  • survey design
  • qualitative methods including case studies, focus groups and in-depth interviewing
  • qualitative data analysis
  • evaluation design and
  • systematic literature reviewing/distillation.

Her research experience and publications span a variety of areas, with a focus on labour-market issues, including: entrepreneurship, older workers, change in the workplace, work and parenthood, maternity and paternity rights, discrimination, equalities, disadvantage, work-life balance, welfare to work and, more recently, food hygiene and nutrition-related research.

Deborah has managed projects for a wide variety of clients and agencies, including: DTI, DWP, HMRC, ESRC, JRF, EHRC, Nuffield, FSA England, FSA Northern Ireland, TUC, NESTA and the Big Lottery Fund.

Recent projects led and conducted by Deborah include: an evaluation of a Nutrition Award Scheme pilot for food businesses (for the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland), an evaluation of the impact on livelihood development of International Development grants on overseas communities (for the Big Lottery Fund); trends, causes and correlates of continuing to work beyond state pension age (for Eurofound) and a literature review of the costs and benefits to businesses of adopting work-life balance and flexible working policies and practices (for BIS).


B.Sc. (hons) Sociology, Kingston University

M.Sc. Political Philosophy, London School of Economics

M.Sc. Social Research Methods (distinction), University of Surrey

Contact details

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7911 7530


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