Dr Ritsuko Ozaki

Ritsuko is a sociologist and has worked on the diffusion of environmental innovations with a particular focus on user adoption and consumption. She joined PSI in October 2016 and currently works on the project Urban Infrastructural Innovation and Sustainable Lifestyles, which is funded by the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) in Japan. This project explores different pathways to transition to sustainability in Japan’s medium-sized cities. It is part of a larger programme that aims to create policy frameworks for sustainable consumption and production in East Asia.

Prior to PSI, Ritsuko worked at Imperial College Business School and the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU, University of Sussex). Her background is in housing and built environment studies and her main research interests are: innovation diffusion; consumption, practices and lifestyles; the role of technological innovation in socieital transformation.


  • DPhil in Sociology, University of Sussex
  • MA in Social History, University of Essex
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Sociology, University of Essex
  • BA in International and Cultural Studies, Tsuda College, Tokyo

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Urban Infrastructural Innovation and Sustainable Lifestyles

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