Tom Watson

Tom has recently returned from a secondment at the Energy Research Partnership, where he carried out research on behalf of the Government Office for Science into the options for decarbonising the UK transport sector (report forthcoming). He is conducting research into the role of community resilience in the face of heatwaves, and carrying out a literature review for a project funded by the European Climate Foundation called Managing Heat System Decarbonisation: Transitions and Supporting Infrastructure Development

Prior to this he carried out work looking into the role of trade associations in the EU policy process and on the challenges of evaluating complex environmental policy interventions. He was also a co-author of Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK, a UKERC-funded project that employed a range of social research techniques to develop sociotechnical scenarios for a smarter energy system. Tom worked at the trading arm of a Big Six energy company before moving to PSI via the Association for the Conservation of Energy. He holds a master’s in Energy Policy from Exeter University and a BA in Philosophy from UCL.


  • MSc Energy Policy, Exeter University
  • BA Philosophy, University College London

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