Visiting and emeritus fellows

Professor Isobel Allen

Areas of research and expertise include: doctors' careers and the organisation of the medical workforce; family planning; terminations of pregnancy; teenage pregnancies; older people; interface between health and social care; health care of homeless people; community care; residential care of older people; evaluation; maternity services.

Gabriel Chanan

Gabriel Chanan is an independent consultant on community involvement, engagement and development. He directed research and policy at the Community Development Foundation for many years. He has been a leading adviser to government on community engagement and involvement, and from 2005-8 he worked on empowerment in the Home Office and the Department of Communities and Local Government. He is...

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Olivia Chassais

Olivia has been a Visiting Research Fellow at PSI since December 2012, having previously been a Research Officer at PSI from March 2008 to November 2009. Her key project was INDI-LINK, where she worked on identifying combinations of policies that would best meet sustainable-development goals. She then worked for three years as a Research Programme Officer / Scientific Officer at the European...

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Sue Clegg

Sue Clegg has almost 20 years' experience in research. She specialises in qualitative research and has worked both in academia and in an agency; she has managed projects in the UK and across Europe. Sue's expertise is in health and well-being, including: food choices; experience of services; living with health problems and disabilities; and the perspectives of professionals. Recent work includes...

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Mayer Hillman

Mayer’s research interests include: energy conservation; walking and cycling; road safety; climate change;  health promotion; quality of life issues; environmental and resource sustainability; green economics; children’s physical and social development; setting clocks forward.

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Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers

Martin currently coordinates research and policy analysis proposals and projects in the field of resource efficiency, decoupling of resource use and economic growth, waste prevention, reuse and recycling of material resources, and sustainable resource management at the Ecologic Institute in Berlin.

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Lesley Hoggart

Lesley is currently Principal Research Fellow in the School of Health and Social Care, University of Greenwich, and was previously Senior Research Fellow, Work and Social Policy Group at PSI.

Genevieve Knight

Genevieve Knight is a Senior Research Fellow with the National Institute of Labour Studies at Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia. She led the Work and Social Policy Group at PSI from January 2008 to July 2013. Genevieve is an applied economist/econometrician, with a quantitative emphasis. Her chief skills are with econometric modeling, and handling complex data. However, she also...

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Professor Alan Marsh

Specialist in the use of large-scale survey research to study:

* the relationship between social and economic change and social policy, and
* the evaluation of social policy both in general and in quasi-experimental pilots.

Current studies concentrate on low-income families with children, lone parents, long-term unemployed and disabled people, determining the outcomes for family well-being of...

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Stephen Morris

Stephen worked at PSI from 2008 to 2012, having spent 12 years as a researcher in central government, holding posts at the Department of Social Security (DSS), Office for National Statistics (ONS), Prime Minister's Strategy Unit and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Prior to this, Stephen was a Research Officer at the Institute for Employment Studies.

The focus of Stephen's work has mainly...

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Rebekah Phillips

Rebekah is a freelance environmental researcher, project manager and advocate. She became a Visiting Research Fellow at PSI in July 2013. In addition, Rebekah is an Associate at two environmental think-tanks: Green Alliance and Sustainability First and works frequently with Groundwork UK. Rebekah is also a Director of local re-use project the Remakery.

Previously, Rebekah worked at Green...

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Athena Piterou

Athena Piterou joined the University of Greenwich Business School in 2011 after completing a PhD, linked to the ESRC-funded project ‘Dematerialising the printed paper text’, at Brunel University. The PhD examined electronic books might alleviate the environmental implications of print. At the Policy Studies Institute, Athena’s role involved mapping the interactions among the organisations...

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Mark Rickinson

Dr Mark Rickinson is a research consultant with a particular interest in the environment who specialises in educational research and evaluation, research reviews and research training ( He is currently leading an Anti-Bullying Development & Research (D&R) Project with Coventry City Council and recently completed two projects for the European Commission on Evidence-based...

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Malcolm Rigg

Malcolm was Director of PSI from 2004 to September 2013. He led and taught extensively on the MRS-accredited Masters in Applied Market and Social Research. He was previously Managing Director of the British Market Research Bureau (BMRB). Before joining BMRB, he was Director of Research at COI Communications and has also been Head of Public Interest Research at Consumers’ Association (now Which?)....

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Roger Salmons

Roger is an environmental economist with significant experience of applying economic analysis to the design and evaluation of environmental policy, having spent over 10 years as a researcher at PSI and CSERGE at University College London. During this time he worked on collaborative research projects with organisations throughout Europe and was a member of the European Research Network on...

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Stephen Tindale

Stephen was previously Executive Director of Greenpeace UK and Chair of Greenpeace Europe in Brussels. Before that he was Special Adviser to Michael Meacher when he was Environment Minister. Prior to that, he was Head of Environment at IPPR. He has published short books (through IPPR) on Green Tax Reform and energy policy.

Sandra Vegeris

Sandra joined PSI in 2001 and was promoted to senior researcher in 2005. Her expertise draws from 15 years research experience in social policy and programme evaluation, with an emphasis on multi-methods approaches. She has project managed both large scale national level and smaller scale local level research projects which have included evidence reviews, survey research, case studies, and depth...

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Halina Ward

Halina is Head of Development Futures at Bond. She was previously Interim International Partnerships Director at Future Cities Catapult, a UK government-backed technology and innovation centre working to stimulate innovation to deliver integrated city services. Halina joined PSI in July 2013 as a Visiting Research Fellow. Prior to that, she was Director of the Foundation for Democracy and...

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Dr Michael White

Michael White joined PSI in 1979 after working in industry and management research and teaching. In 1986 he founded the Employment Studies Group and was its Head until 1994.

His studies have included three national surveys of unemployment, and many evaluations of government labour market programmes, including the Restart Cohort Study, and the Macro evaluation of New Deal for...

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David Wilkinson

David is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. He was previously Principal Research Fellow at the Policy Studies Institute and before that worked at the Office for National Statistics and the London School of Economics. His work has focused on a range of topics in applied labour economics. His recent research has covered evaluation methodology with...

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