April 2004 to April 2005

PSI researchers:

Background, summary and aims

‘People under the age of 50 who are participating in the New Deal 25 Plus (ND25+) have to participate in an ‘Intensive Activity Period’ (IAP) if they are not successful in finding work in the Gateway phase of ND25+. This is not the case for those aged 50 and over; for them participation in the IAP is voluntary. This project examines the effect of making IAP participation mandatory for older New Dealers. Specifically, the extent to which mandating participation affects benefit receipt and employment are considered.

The evaluation is being carried out in fourteen Jobcentre Plus districts within Britain. In each of these pilot areas, individuals entering ND25+ aged 50 or over are randomly assigned either to an ‘action’ group for whom IAP participation is mandatory, or a control group for whom it remains voluntary. This experimental analysis allows an unusually robust estimate of the effectiveness of mandating IAP to be obtained.’