Factors Affecting the Growth and Survival of British Workplaces in the 1990s


April 2005 to June 2007

PSI researchers:

Background, summary and aims

Background and Aims

The aim of the research is to further understanding of the factors associated with the survival and growth of British private sector workplaces. The study will be undertaken by Alex Bryson (PSI) and Satu Nurmi (Stats Finland).

Project Design

The study uses multivariate analyses to identify the independent effects of workplace size, age, technology, R&D and human capital investment on survival and growth. Our data are the nationally-representative 1990-98 British Workplace Industrial Relations Survey Panel linked to the Employers' Manpower and Skills Practices Survey 1991 (EMPS). In addition to analyses for the whole private sector we will explore factors influencing employment growth and survival in the manufacturing and service sectors, and single- and multiple-establishment workplaces. The study will conclude with a workshop reviewing the study's findings and policy implications.

Importance of Research

The data quality, the estimation techniques deployed, and the sub-group analyses together will provide reliable evidence to inform debate regarding the appropriateness of public policy interventions intended to facilitate job creation and limit job destruction in Britain.


Seminar: The Survival and Growth of Firms: Findings and Policy Implications, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE, 7 December 2007