Basic Skills Sanctions Pilot

Funded by: Department for Work and Pensions


January 2004 to June 2006

PSI researchers:

David Wilkinson

Background, summary and aims

    This study has the following aims and objectives:
  • to measure and assess the impact of the threat of sanctions on client outcomes in terms of qualifications and employment.
  • To establish if there are any differences between the qualification outcomes for clients in the national programme and pilot districts;
  • to establish if the threat of sanctions has any impact on rates of attrition throughout the basic skills process;
  • To identify what affect the threat of sanctions has any on clients' attitudes to basic skills training;
  • To establish providers' and Jobcentre advisors' views of sanctioning in general (via the use of a Jobseeker's Direction) and sanctioning clients for non-compliance with basic skills training in particular;
  • To reveal the characteristics of clients that are sanctioned;
  • To understand the impact of sanctioning on the well-being of clients;
  • To establish the longer-term impacts of basic skills training on labour market activity and employment outcomes in the national programme and pilot districts;
  • To identify the types of jobs clients who have undergone basic skills training go into and the level of wages they demand;
  • To identify the extent to which clients who have undergone training utilise their skills in subsequent employment.