Evaluation of Incapacity Benefit Reform Pilots (IB Pilots)


September 2003 to May 2007

PSI researchers:

Genevieve Knight

Background, summary and aims

PSI is currently leading an international consortium (consisting of the Institute for Fiscal Studies; the National Centre for Social Research; the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York; Mathematica Policy Research, based in New Jersey; and David Greenberg, of the University of Maryland Baltimore County) in the evaluation of IB Pilots. The Pilots, launched in three Jobcentre Plus districts in October 2003, with a further four districts to 'go live' in April 2004, are designed to encourage claimants of Incapacity Benefits to move off benefit and into work. A multi-stranded evaluation strategy has been developed, consisting of qualitative research, quantitative survey research, impact analysis and cost-benefit analysis. The evaluation is scheduled to run until March 2007.