Evaluation of the New Deal in Scotland Phase 2

Funded by: Scottish Office


April 2000 to April 2001

PSI researchers:

Background, summary and aims

Background and aims

This study is evaluating the impact of the New Deal for Young People (NDYP) in Scotland. It aims to look at the effectiveness of the various NDYP options in helping young people into sustainable jobs, improving their employability, and reducing the time they spend as benefit claimants.

Project Design

There were two waves of survey interviews with NDYP entrants, the first about 6-8 months after entry to the programme, and the second at around 15-18 months after programme entry. Data on Scottish NDYP entrants collected by the Employment Service, for their national evaluation of NDYP, was supplemented by a booster sample of Scottish entrants. The project will combine analysis of survey data with analysis of administrative data on all Scottish NDYP entrants from the same cohort. The project uses econometric techniques of propensity matching to examine the impacts of New Deal options, net of selection effects. Results for Scotland will be compared with those for England and Wales.

Importance of Research

Building on PSI's evaluation of the impact of NDYP nationally, this research will provide the most comprehensive and accurate picture available of the impact of this programme in Scotland. The survey provides detailed information on the characteristics of NDYP entrants, their attitudes to work, and the problems they have encountered in finding work. It also provides measures of their satisfaction with the help available under NDYP.