Is there evidence that cycling infrastructure preferences vary by age and gender? A review of evidence on stated preferences and attitudes

Funded by: Department for Transport


March 2015 to May 2015


This Rapid Evidence Assessment is being carried out by Bridget Elliott with Rachel Aldred at the University of Westminster as Lead Reviewer. The review is being carried out as part of a larger project whose academic lead is James Woodcock at the Centre for Diet and Activity Research and partners, and which aims to construct a National Propensity to Cycle Tool.

PSI researchers:

Bridget Elliott

Background, summary and aims

In England, cycling is currently highly skewed by age and gender. Some English cities are increasing their investment in cycling, including the provision of new infrastructure. Part of the justification for this investment is the likelihood of generating cycle trips. There is also frequently an aim to attract currently under-represented groups and create a more diverse cohort of cyclists. Therefore, this review seeks to explore differences in infrastructural preferences by gender and age: not the only or necessarily the most important inequalities, but the ones for which evidence is most likely to be available.