Funded by: Computershare; Rutgers


October 2007 to April 2008

PSI researchers:

Background, summary and aims

Background and Aims

The aims of the project are two-fold. First, we will d esign and conduct an employee survey instrument on share ownership for Computershare, a global company, to assess the effects of the share scheme on employees and the firm. These data will be analysed and a presentation made to Computershare. Second, the data will be released to PSI/LSE providing the foundation for subsequent academic article(s).

Project Design

The study designs and conducts a web-based survey of Computershare employees globally to establish their attitudes towards, and participation in, the company’s share scheme. The data will be analysed using descriptive and multivariate techniques to establish the links between these attitudes and participation in the scheme on attitudes to working and the firm, as well as behavioural outcomes and individual and site-level. The study is being conducted by Alex Bryson (PSI) and Richard Freeman (NBER/Harvard).

Importance of Research

The data are unusual in that they cover all employees in a global company. They are of very high quality and contain features which offer opportunities for us to assess the causal impact of share ownership (non-)participation on worker attitudes and behaviour. This offers the potential to make a substantial contribution to our thinking about the way share ownership operates.