Public perceptions of short term actions government should take to mitigate climate change

Funded by: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


January 2009 to June 2009

PSI researchers:

Ben Shaw

Background, summary and aims

This research will identify and explore public perceptions of government action to mitigate climate change.

The project is investigating the processes by which individuals learn about government action to tackle climate change, and the role of the media in these processes. It will consider the way in which short-term actions on the part of government could potentially have an impact on the uptake of pro-environmental behaviour.

The project’s initial review stage aims to build a detailed understanding of the short term actions that the public and other stakeholders (for example, climate policy experts) think the Government should take. A series of deliberative focus groups will give participants the opportunity to reflect on the ways in which action would have an impact on their behaviour.

Project outputs will include policy recommendations to Defra and other Government departments and agencies on potential short-term actions that could be taken, in order to indicate leadership and a commitment to mitigate climate change.