The EHRC Triennial Review

Funded by: EHRC


December 2009 to May 2010

PSI researchers:

Deborah Smeaton

Background, summary and aims


The EHRC is required to publish a report every three years, demonstrating how far society is progressing in terms of equality, good relations and human rights. A measurement framework is being developed for this purpose. As part of the Triennial Review, the Policy Studies Institute has been commissioned to investigate the following four issues within the workplace, exploitative employment , illness and injury, process discrimination and youth transitions to employment.


The study is focussed on discrimination in the workplace and applies to the following equality strands: sex, ethnicity/race, disability, religion or belief, age and sexual orientation, plus migrants and socio-economic status.

The project is designed to establish an evidence base, identify trends, highlight persistent and emerging inequalities, and analyse the key determinants of discrimination. The following areas are of specific interest;

  • Exploitative employment – to review the evidence relating to the treatment of illegal workers, migrants and victims of trafficking.
  • Illness and injury – to review the incidence and distribution of illness and injury in the workplace among each of the equality strands.
  • Process discrimination – to review the nature, incidence and distribution of discrimination in the workplace with reference to recruitment, retention and promotion.
  • Youth transitions to employment – to review why some groups have a greater probability of achieving successful employment outcomes.


Given the dearth of robust quantitative evidence relating to some of the issues and sub-groups under investigation, a multi-methods approach is adopted. A broad range of quantitative, qualitative and other expert data will be gathered using the following research methods;

  • Literature searches
  • Interviews with stakeholders and experts in the field
  • Secondary data analysis of national and local datasets

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