TRIF Literature Review for the Community Development Foundation

Funded by: Community Development Fund


March 2010 to May 2010

PSI researchers:

Background, summary and aims

Background, Scope and Aims

The Community Development Foundation (CDF) is currently undertaking a process- and impact-focused evaluation of the Tackling Race Inequalities Fund (TRIF). The principal aim of the evaluation is to assess how effectively TRIF meets its aims and the impact it has on third-sector organisations and beneficiaries. As part of this, CDF is commissioning a literature review which will inform the evaluation.

Project Design

We will undertake a review of reports, policy documents, academic publications, survey results, funding and practice guidance, and case studies in order to identify the key themes and lessons for strategies to tackle race inequalities and promote cohesion. We will identify pertinent single-authored and edited collections, synthesising reports and policy documents, as well as particularly innovative work we become aware of. In addition, we will conduct brief interviews with key informants in government, think tanks and relevant funding programmes to clarify priorities and practice. We will be particularly mindful of the integrated-equalities model which situates racism as one strand of potentially multiple forms of discrimination facing individuals and social groups.

Importance of Research

This literature review will inform the TRIF evaluation and provide context for the evaluation report, act as a think piece and feed into briefing papers.