Understanding the housing and economic circumstances of The Riverside Group tenants


November 2008 to May 2010

PSI researchers:

Francesca Francavilla

Background, summary and aims

Background, Scope and Aims

The Riverside Group (TRG) identified ‘access to affordable credit’ and ‘help into employment’ as specific targets in its strategic objective to help residents become more prosperous. In order to achieve this goal, TRG allocated a budget of approximately GBP 50,000 for a study that facilitated a deeper understanding of the housing and economic circumstances of its tenants, provided evidence of what works in reducing worklessness and financial exclusion among them, and made suggestions for further research with possible matched funding. 

Project Design

 The project was conducted in three phases:

  • Phase one – A literature review specified objectives of the study and provide detailed methodology. The output of this phase was a short scoping paper;
  • Phase two – Development of a typology of tenants and analyses of their employment chances and the role of neighbourhood in these. The output was a short interim report;
  • Phase three - A case study comparison of tenants’ experiences on three Riverside estates. The output will be a final report bringing together the findings from all three phases of the research. The report will be published by TRG.

Importance of Research

The findings of this project advance our knowledge of tenants of one of the largest social landlords in the country and allow us to recommend a range of tailored policy options aimed at reducing the distance of TRG tenants from the labour market and improving financial inclusion. TRG will be able to use this knowledge and recommendations in order to prioritise their resources and focus attention on those options that improve the prosperity of their tenants in the most effective way. The study points to the needs and opportunities for future research and potential collaborators.


Understanding the worklessness and financial exclusion of Riverside tenants: overview report

Understanding the worklessness and financial exclusion of Riverside tenants: full report