Youth Cohort Study work programme 2000-2001

Funded by: Department for Education and Employment


February 2000 to May 2013

PSI researchers:

Background, summary and aims


This project is the third in a series of contracts held by PSI to provide in-depth analyses of data from the England and Wales Youth Cohort Study (YCS) in order to inform policy making on issues concerning education and training provision for 16-19 year olds and the transition from full-time education to the labour force. The topics for analysis will be agreed between the DfEE and PSI and have not yet been finally determined.

Study Design

YCS has followed successive cohorts of young people over the three years from the end of compulsory education. Each cohort forms a large nationally representative sample of the age group and is surveyed by postal questionnaire, supplemented recently by telephone interviews. The surveys are sponsored by the DfEE and have been carried out by the National Centre for Social Research (formerly SCPR) and Research Services GB. The YCS Work Programme uses a range of analytical techniques, including statistical modelling, but aims to produce reports written in plain English that can be readily understood by non-specialists.


The two previous YCS Work Programmes carried out at PSI have produced a total of eleven published reports, plus a book that brings together many of the findings of the first Work Programme. These have been used extensively both within government and by academic researchers and practitioners as one of the major sources of information on the 16-19 age group in England and Wales. The new Work Programme is likely to prove equally valuable.