Work and social policy projects

PSI's current focus is environment and sustainability research. However, we have a long history of research into work and social policy; our recent projects in this area are listed here.

Listed by title (see date-ordered list)

October 2012 to August 2013

The 1990s: sectoral rebalancing, mobility and adaptation - the employment, self-employment and training policy lessons for the current UK recession

November 2004 to May 2005

Affordability Targets: Implications for Housing Supply

January 2008 to March 2009

An Ageing Workforce: The Employer's Perspective

November 2007 to July 2008

Analysis of the Acas Model Workplace

July 2006 to December 2006

Approaches to estimating DLA/AA take up rates: a feasibility study

January 2004 to June 2006

Basic Skills Sanctions Pilot

July 2013 to

Basic Skills Training in Adulthood

April 2008 to September 2009

Better off Working?: Work, poverty and benefit cycling

June 2008 to December 2008

BIG Small Grants Evaluation: Study Description

October 2008 to April 2009

BTW 50+: Literature Review and Indicative Guide for Secondary Data Analysis

March 2007 to December 2009

Changing Work - The Impact of Reorganisation and Reallocation on Establishment Performance and Worker Well-Being

May 2005 to April 2006

Clusters of Workless Couples and their Employment Transitions

January 2010 to November 2010

Cohesion in Bradford: disadvantage, solidarity and recession

October 2007 to April 2008


April 2004 to May 2005

Continuity of Older Citizen's Involvement in the Whole Policy Process: A Review of Practices


Costs and Benefits to Business of Adopting Work Life Balance Working Practices: A Literature Review

May 2009 to December 2009

Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance: impact study

January 2011 to April 2011

Diversity: the experience of discrimination on multiple grounds

November 2006 to May 2007

Do Days of the Week Matter?

March 2006 to July 2006

Does Fair Share Capitalism Improve Firm Performance?

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